East Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake

Starring my Grandma’s baking powder biscuits made with either gluten-free or all-purpose flour There’s nothing like strawberry shortcake to kick off summer and I am hoping that this dessert signals to Mother Nature that it’s time to warm things up. I added a simple cooked rhubarb strawberry jam to fresh strawberries for the filling andContinue reading “East Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake”

Easy Strawberry Almond Muffins with a Lemon Thyme Sugar Topping

Little buds are popping up in my garden and the sounds of the birds wake me up in the morning. Spring is my most favorite time of year! I got a beautiful package of strawberries at the store and when I saw the thyme coming up in my garden, I decided to combine the twoContinue reading “Easy Strawberry Almond Muffins with a Lemon Thyme Sugar Topping”

Colomba di Pasqua (Italian Easter Bread)

Colomba di Pasqua is the spring cousin to Italian panettone bread which is popular during the Christmas holidays. I adapted this recipe by adding finely chopped chocolate because we all need more chocolate on Easter! It’s a perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of strong coffee or to turn into Easter morning French toast.Continue reading “Colomba di Pasqua (Italian Easter Bread)”

Spring Baking Kits and Classes

The warm sun and the cheerful sounds of birds and tree frogs have given me a case of spring fever! I am excited to share with you my new baking kits and classes designed to celebrate both the renewal that spring brings, along with Easter and Passover celebrations. Many of us may still not beContinue reading “Spring Baking Kits and Classes”

Mixed Berry and Chia Seed Jam

My dad loved jam and introduced me to eating it on everything from toast to crackers to ice cream! I have a found that it’s quite easy to make a delicious homemade jam in about 30 minutes, using fresh or frozen berries. I took my usual easy jam recipe and added chia seeds and theContinue reading “Mixed Berry and Chia Seed Jam”

Easy Raspberry Chocolate Cake to Ring in the New Year

This year, more than ever, we are all ready to say goodbye to 2020! A moist chocolate cake topped with raspberries and meringue is a perfect dessert to celebrate the sense of hope we all feel as we look to 2021. If any of you made my cranberry Louise Cake, this is very similar butContinue reading “Easy Raspberry Chocolate Cake to Ring in the New Year”

Quick & Easy Vegan Fudge

When peanut butter (or almond butter) and chocolate come together something magical happens. That’s what this fudge is all about and it’s super easy. I topped mine with marshmallows, roasted cacao nibs and some tiny gingerbread cookies that I had on hand. You really don’t need any toppings, but there are a lot of possibilities!Continue reading “Quick & Easy Vegan Fudge”