Marzipan Eggs

I came up with this quick little project using marzipan to celebrate Easter or the beginning of spring. You can used store-bought marzipan and food coloring or natural dyes made from items is your kitchen.

1-2 packages of marzipan (depending on how many eggs you can to make)

food coloring (a small drop thinned with a splash of vodka or almond extract)

almond extract or vodka

clean paint brush

Alternately, you can use blueberries whirled up in a food processor and strained. I also tried taking freeze dried raspberries and grinding them up in a mortal and pastel and then adding a splash of vodka or almond extract to thin.

packaging – clear bags, brown lunch bags, muffin papers made into nests, whatever you might have around the house

Taking a gum ball size of almond paste, roll it into an egg shape.

Paint the egg with coloring of your choosing.

Look around your house for paper to make Easter grass. I don’t have a shredder but used scissors to cut up both brown lunch bags and some crepe paper streamers.

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